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Vouchers are a simple and flexible way to book tours and activities on Travelstart. Buy a voucher today, and use it when you're ready. Prefer to do a different activity? No problem, vouchers can be used on any activity listed here. Find out more by reading our handy FAQ's.

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Minimum amount: R50
Note: If you want to use this voucher for Private Cradle of Humankind and Lesedi Cultural Village Day Tour, you will need a voucher for at least R2500.00

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About Our Vouchers

What makes our vouchers so great?
  • A great gift idea
  • Flexible (no locked dates)
  • Redeemable on any activity
  • Secure payment
  • Friendly help

Do I need to buy a voucher?
Yes, the only way to book an activity on this site is to use a voucher.
Can I use my voucher for any activity on the site?
Yes, vouchers are redeemable on all activities on this site.
What if I don't use the full value of my voucher?
No problem. We will issue you a new voucher with the difference.
How do I redeem a voucher?
Simple. Just browse the site, and choose what you want to do. Once you're ready to book, simply enter your unique voucher number on the "Redeem" section, and we'll validate your voucher and connect you directly with the supplier where you can arrange the best time that suits you. We will assist you the whole way.
Does my voucher ever expire?
Yes, vouchers expire after 12 months, but we will refund you 90% of the voucher value if you request a refund within the 12 months.